Recent news reports say that two police officers were ambushed in Compton, California and were then rushed to a local hospital where they underwent surgery for life-threatening wounds. Just prior to that, an officer in Cleveland was shot and killed. This officer had been riding in a patrol car that was fired upon several times, with the car crashing. Two other officers, one in Lincoln, Nebraska and the other in Henderson County, North Carolina, also died by gunfire within the last week.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page website (, total “line of duty deaths” in 2019 were 147 with gunfire accounting for 48. So far this year, there have been 193 deaths with 34 due to gunfire.  The Criminal Justice Information Services website ( , which is part of the FBI, states that “Thirty-seven law enforcement officers have been reported feloniously killed in 2020.  During the previous year for the same time period, 30 officers were feloniously killed.”  This is an increase of 23.3%.  Add to this other recent events such as the Louisville riots.

There are three certainties here: (1) no two years will be the same; (2) law enforcement is and will remain a dangerous profession; and (3) there is more going on here than meets the eye.

I try not to fall victim to conspiracy theories such as the moon landings were a hoax or that President George W. Bush planned the 9/11 attacks, but the ambush incident in California, coupled with multiple other recent events, such as the U-Haul truck arriving in Louisville loaded with riot supplies, have led me to be certain that something  unseen and unseemly is taking place.    It was too spontaneous to be spontaneous.

The officers, a young man and young woman, were sitting in a patrol car when they were shot through the front passenger window. A rocket scientist is not needed to anticipate what happened next. Ambulances and more patrol cars quickly arrived and the wounded officers were rushed to a nearby hospital, St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, California. Remember that instant text messaging enabled word to travel instantly, so when the ambulances arrived at the hospital “protesters” were already there and blocking the entrance to the emergency room. Interesting.

A chaplain recounted what he saw. Rioters were chanting, “Death to the police” and “Kill the police.” “They were using all kinds of curse words and derogatory terms about the police, just provoking our police officers,” he explained. “Unacceptable behavior because the hospital should be a sanctuary . ... We should leave hospitals alone.” I have listened to an audio recording of this event, and the language used by these people is not fit for polite company, to put it mildly. Omitting the profanities and vulgarities, their simple message was that all police officers deserved to die and would die. They even tried to break into the hospital emergency room.

It is one thing to “assemble peaceably to petition the government for a redress of grievances,“ as the First Amendment provides, but this is not what we have here. It is virtually certain that what we have here and actively working all across our country is an unknown number of professional full-time leftist anarchists who are being well paid, well-equipped and well-led to wreak such havoc whenever and wherever the opportunity arises or can be created. And, further, they are being funded by big money such as George Soros or a foreign power such as Iran or China.  This movement is too well-planned to be spontaneous and has all the signs of good leadership, good planning and good funding.

I wish I could be confident that the FBI is infiltrating and surveilling this lawless and anarchic movement but I am not. That organization has been too compromised by leftist “never Trumpers” to be trusted. Some time ago Dr. Ken Wolf asked in a column if we were headed toward civil war. I hope not, but lawless rioters attacking hospital emergency rooms and vowing to kill every police officer in the country strongly suggest we are. If it happens, the anarchists will learn that the American people are very well supplied with what they need to defend their lives, their families, their property,  their freedoms and their country.  The result will be the same as before, and deservedly so.

Winfield H. Rose taught political science at Murray State University for 39 years and is now retired. He is active in the Calloway County GOP, but speaks here as an individual and not as a representative of either of these organizations. He can be reached at

Editor’s Note: Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of the Murray Ledger & Times.

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