I start off on a sad note this week thinking about the unseemly behavior toward Republican leaders throughout our country, especially here in Kentucky.  What motivates such vitriolic behavior?  Such hatred? While I have compared the GOP platform with the Democratic Party platform and outlined why I disagree with Dems, I have never wanted harm to come to anyone who would disagree with my viewpoint. But honestly, things have gone too far!

It appears progressive Democrats, under the banner of socialism, have incited a number of their followers to carry out vengeful displays of disrespect and intimidating acts against high profile conservatives.  As well, all of this rabble rousing somehow has become Republicans’ fault. Inane, isn’t it?

You don’t see conservatives screaming at and taunting Democratic leaders, chanting in restaurants and bellowing hateful, insensitive epitaphs. Wishing, for example, that Leader Mitch McConnell would die as Democrat protesters beat on pots and pans screaming outside his Louisville residence from a “public” sidewalk late at night is outrageous. One protester manically saying, stab that “(expletive deleted) in the heart.” Disgusting is the only word I can think of right now!

Or how about Rand Paul? In 2017, Kentucky’s junior U.S. senator was brutally attacked by his neighbor who became so angry and spiteful that the senator has been nursing wounds for nearly two years and recently had follow-up surgery to remove part of his lung. To add insult to injury, entertainers and liberal politicians like Minnesota Democrat Representative Ihan Omar have tweeted things like, the Senator “got what he deserved.” So sad and horrible!

Democrats have blamed President Trump for mass shootings of late and pretty much everything else that has been going wrong in our country.  They charge he is a white supremacist, a Russian sympathizer and almost anything negative you can imagine. Haters push back, saying how the president’s own messages are the reason for their ire. Left-leaning Kentuckians suggest the governor also deserves resistance for his comments. What can I say?  

I admit that when responding in a commentary like this, it can be broad and potentially damning for many. So let me clarify, as long as language is not threatening, disagreements can be healthy and it can help voters understand issues. It is what is intended in our Constitution allowing anyone the opportunity to offer opposing viewpoints without fear of government intervention.

Additionally, nothing is more alarming than what is festering throughout our country where progressives’ intentional exercise of linguistic gymnastics, or redefining words, undermines our election process. Clearly, fewer registered voters are engaged. Apathy and frustration ensue and voter turn-out diminishes. Perhaps, on balance, subversives and their unwitting clones desire chaos as a way to purposely unwind our Constitutional way of government and it appears they are willing to be patient wreaking havoc one election after another.

How can we turn this around?  My belief system says its only possible by understanding the power that created America in the first place.  In God we trust is not just a slogan on our money, but men and women boldly penned our Constitution and defended its meaning relying on God’s awareness. Their zest for balance and their belief that power resides with people who are free, not government, is a cornerstone of our Republic that we need to rediscover.

As you might expect, I believe Republicans remain the best hope to unwind the progressive clock, wound dangerously tight and adding to our present stress and mayhem.  Some predict that this progressive time will end; I hope so, especially after watching the Democratic presidential debates the past few weeks!  

This November, Gov. Matt Bevin and running mate Lt. Governor Ralph Alvarado, attorney general candidate Daniel Cameron, secretary of state candidate Michael Adams, Auditor of Accounts Mike Harmon, Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles and Treasurer Allisson Ball will ethically represent the state of Kentucky and regain positive leadership for all Kentuckians.  

Greg DeLancey is the 1st District chairman for the Republican Party of Kentucky. He may be reached at republican.chair@gmail.com.

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