A few years ago, I recall a boat excursion to a swamp not far from New Orleans. We boarded our king-sized pontoon captained by a crusty veteran of the bayou that warned us swamp-lookers to be careful. Essentially, “don’t lean over the rail or you might become part of the bait, otherwise, have a good time.” A wise warning it turned out for what we were about to witness.  

It was incredibly hot and humid, making us sweat profusely, and gliding through the back water of Louisiana didn’t help our sticky situation. Soon we slowed to idle speed and entered gator territory, the real reason we were all there. In the shallows of decaying trees among Spanish moss hanging from bark-less branches, swam a large congregation of adult alligators getting into position.  I learned it’s a gaggle of geese, a herd of cows and a “congregation” of alligators.  

Of course, we felt safe floating atop the algae and muck laden swamp, but there was an eerie feeling too. The thought of somehow sinking crept into my wide-eyed consciousness. What if our pontoons suddenly breached and filled with water and we became one with the swamp? I must admit it was a fleeting thought as the captain announced he was about to pass around the chicken parts for us to feed the beady-eyed beasts slithering near us waiting for their expected donation.

This outdoor experience offers up a perfect allegory. Thinking about my momentary habitat, filled with treacherous critters, I now cringe at the unprotected waters of what appears to be a radical socialist coup occupying the “swamps” near the Potomac. A new species of Democrat has emerged, and their feeding frenzy reveals a murky burgoo of political subterfuge whipped up by a power-starved congregation of liberals.

Democratic rhetoric is alive and their shifty, beady eyes obfuscate the real story about their swamp leader, former Vice President Joe Biden. On a GOP boat headed straight into the dark waters is a first-generation politician, President Donald Trump.  How dare he try to rekindle an investigation involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son during President Obama’s term, where admittedly the vice president threatened to withhold U.S. financial support to Ukraine unless that country’s prosecutor was fired, essentially protecting his son? And corrupt Ukraine leaders added another one to the swamp.

Fast forward to today. Ukraine’s new president wants to drain the swamp and President Trump wants to find out the truth.  But reality, twisted by clever liberal gators, continue the narrative of collusion and impeachment that started from the beginning of President Trump’s presidency. Adam Shiff, the preacher of the swamp congregation, has once again proven he will do anything and say anything to devour President Trump, including crafty innuendo and kabuki-like theater.

Beware holding back the bloody chicken dinner from the swamp creatures. They slither ever closer to the boat, believing their form of a new democracy is righteous and due, still angry from the 2016 election where their dinner was spoiled. Yes, the “Republic” is tedious and as Nancy Pelosi, appeasing an ever-growing socialist party once called Democrats, repeats Benjamin Franklin’s warning, “if you can keep it.”

But I suggest if our Republic ends, it will not be as a result of Republican leadership, but from a thousand innuendos from Socialist Democrats who are starved from their ultimate aim of destroying American Constitutional Rights. These Democrats refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election and are on a never-ending fishing expedition to tear down the president. Devouring President Trump has been the goal of Democrats since they took back the House in 2018.

Now they have decided to pursue impeachment with no evidence or facts. The real story is that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and the “Squad” are putting politics before facts and therefore have lost all credibility. Democrats are refusing to hold an impeachment inquiry vote on the House Floor because they know the facts are not on their side.

Thankfully, I had a round trip ticket to and from the swamp and next year, there’s a chance to reject the swamp dwellers, drain the swamp and return our country to normalcy. Republicans, get your tickets and let’s drain it together.


Greg DeLancey is the 1st District chairman for the Republican Party of Kentucky. He may be reached at republican.chair@gmail.com.

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