Don’t you hate blustery liars?

Donald Trump shouts his lies loud and proud to the delight of his crowd. When his mouth moves, he lies! Will he ever shut up?

Lying is how Trump rebuilt his fortune after he ran through his inheritance of $400 million.

But lying may not be enough to get him a second term, or even to keep him out of prison.

In the words of the well-respected former GOP consultant Steve Schmidt, who tweeted directly at Trump during the “Trump clown show debate” on Tuesday night:

“Fox News is now projecting Joseph R. Biden is the President-Elect of the United States.

“The American people are going to throw you out of office. You will be repudiated and disgraced …

“Your incompetence, ignorance, ineptitude and old-fashioned stupidity have caused economic collapse and made the US the epicenter of coronavirus death and suffering…”

Mr. Schmidt continued: “You are a disgrace. Your name will be a synonym for losing, failure and weakness.

“Biden is crushing you. He cares about the American people and you do not. He is respected on the world stage and you are laughed at like some type of grotesque and buffoonish clown. He is capable and you are not. You attack [interrupt] because you are scared.

“Take a minute to look at the picture of Fred Trump on your desk. Do you think he would be surprised by your failures? …He bailed you out repeatedly. He bailed you out because you couldn’t cut it as anything other than a conman…

“The whole country has watched you fail … is watching you lose. We will all watch you return to your golf clubs as the biggest loser the American Presidency has ever produced.”

Walter Schaub, formerly director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, added: “This debate makes me sad. Watching this stupid man monkey around is depressing. He’s both the immediate cause and the symbol of how low America has sunk. The minority of Americans who support this failed president will still be here waiting for another fascist buffoon to support. “    

Lost in Trump’s tantrum designed to destroy one of the only democratic norms left:

• Trump’s failed leadership on COVID-19.

• Supporting Mitch McConnell’s proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

• Undermining of the U.S. Postal Service.

•  Lying and attacks on a free press.

•  Unprecedented tax evasion and corruption         

• Sabotaging the precedent of vote-by-mail

• Supreme Court case to eliminate the Affordable Care Act

Rick Wilson, former Republican and a founder of the Lincoln Project, proclaimed: “We can either continue our trail of destruction, paved with lies, fear, and corruption — or we can change course, overcome the pandemic, rebuild our economy, and begin to heal our torn nation.

“[We must start by] removing the miserable, psychopathic toddler from the White House.

“Donald Trump lied, lied again, and then lied some more. He simply does not have it in him to tell the truth — even when he knows the truth, he chooses to lie. He lives in a sick, twisted reality where his own hunches replace expertise, the best intelligence reports come from cable news hosts, and history and facts are either ‘fake news’ or a hoax.”   

Even Fox Trump sycophant Tucker Carlson warned about power of billionaires and the “tyranny of selfish oligarchs” this week.

Trump’s disrespectful low blow to Biden’s son Beau, an Iraq War veteran who recently died of cancer, prompted Biden to respond, “He was NOT a loser, he was a patriot.”

Maybe the most blatant seditious remarks by Trump occurred when he refused to urge his supporters to not engage in civil unrest – but Biden baited Trump into saying “Proud Boys – stand back and stand by.” According to the Anti-Defamation League, “Proud Boys are a violent chauvinistic, nationalistic, Islamophobic, transphobic and misogynistic hate group.”

Sarah Chamberlain, CEO of Main Street Partnership, that supports Republicans in Congress says they are tired of the bullying, of the harassment, of his rank sexism and racism, of his never-ending stream of lies.

Lastly, even Brian Kilmeade, of the Fox morning show, called out Trump for not condemning White Supremacists.

We can only hope that this November election “will shut him up, man.”

Marshall Ward is a Murray resident who is a member of the Democratic Party. He may be reached at

Editor’s Note: Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of the Murray Ledger & Times.

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