MURRAY—Adison Hicks, another nominee for Athlete of the Year, has made a tremendous impact on CCHS sports in just her first year of high school alone.

 “She’s not just a varsity athlete in one sport,” said Kady Arant, head coach of the Lady Laker softball team. “She’s a three-sport varsity athlete: volleyball, basketball and softball. She’s a starter in all three, which I think is amazing.”

Hicks has played volleyball since sixth grade and has played basketball and softball since she was in first grade.

This year, Hicks has had great successes in all three sports.

“In basketball, I got the Most Improved Award, and in softball I made the All-District Team, which I was very proud of as a freshman.  In volleyball, I got the Laker Award,” she said.

Hicks also received an award that the Lady Laker Softball Team started this year for the first time.

“As a freshman, she was voted our Most Valuable Player,” Arant said.  “For our team, that is one of the greatest things that you can acquire.”

Hicks is a prime example of an athlete that plays not for herself, but for her team.

“I just try my best for my team.  When a ball is hit at me, I just try my best to stop it, get it to first and get the out.  Whenever I’m hitting, I’m just thinking about what I can do for my team, what needs to be done for the team,” she said.  

Arant said Hicks is a stand-out athlete and constantly gives 100%.

“She plays shortstop. By nature of playing short stop, you have to always be able to talk to your outfielders and your pitcher and relay signs. She is defensively one of our captains on the field.  She has a great head for the game, and she knows the game very well.”

Hicks’ talent isn’t limited to fielding. She also comes up with big hits at the plate.

“She’s also our lead-off hitter for a reason,” Arant said. “She gets on base and she makes things happen. She has great small ball skills. She can bunt; she’s incredibly fast, but she also has long ball ability. For example, games where she has multiple RBIs, those types of things. She’s a very aggressive base runner.”

Toward the beginning of the season, the Lady Laker Softball Team was going through a difficult transition.  

“Whenever Coach Arant came in, it was our first year with her, so we all had to adapt to her,” Hicks said. “We didn’t really know what to expect.”

A few problems started to arise. It was then that Hicks proved she was a true leader.

“I was just there and told anyone if they needed any help with anything or anybody needed to talk about anything that was going on with new coaches, they could come to me,” Hicks said.

Despite being a freshman, Hicks’ leadership has proven to be effective beyond her age.

“A lot of it is not because she is the most vocal, tell-you-how-to-do-stuff-on-the-field person,” Arant said. “She leads by the fact that she comes ready to play every single day. A lot of it is by example.”

Hicks is the type of athlete that never has to be told to hustle, sprint or give it her all.

“She, athletically, is an example just with how she carries herself, but then, she’s also our kid who tells everybody not to get down on themselves,” Arant said.

Aside from sports, Hicks’ leadership and work ethic carry over into the classroom. Hicks has a 4.0 GPA.

“I study very hard because I get home late a lot from softball and everything, so whenever I get home, I study and I just try to pay attention as much as I can in class because, since I do get home late, I don’t always have that much time to study,” she said.

Hicks is also a member of FBLA and FFA. In FFA she competed in the Small Animal and Record Keeping contests. She received second and seventh, respectively.

“She’s a great contributor in the classroom, and then, she still finds time to do FFA and FBLA, so she’s incredibly well-rounded,” Arant said. “It’s not just one sport.  It’s not just one focus.”

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