Waller's drive

Seventh-grader Skylar Waller focuses on her drive at a tournament earlier this season at the Murray Country Club. 

PARIS, TN — The Calloway County golf team played in Henry County last night. There, senior Ty Gallimore was the medalist for the boys’ team, winning the match with a team score of 188. 

The rest of the boys’ score were as follows: Chandler Steele, 44; Cade Butler, 50; Tanner Crouch, 54.

On the girls side, seventh-grader Skylar Waller was also the medalist. She ended the round with 45 strokes.

Mia Miles scored a 50, and Javen Campbell had a 57. 

Head coach Charlie Miles is delighted with the performances he saw, especially Waller’s’.

“It’s very impressive,” he said. “There aren’t many girls at her age that are doing what she is doing. It’s a real testament to her hard work that she puts in and her love for the game. Also, her parents play a huge role in her success as well. They are so supportive of her, and they sacrifice a lot to allow her to play and practice the amount she needs. She has some really good golf years ahead of her.”

Miles is glad to have seen Gallimore place at the tournament but knows Gallimore still has room for improvement. 

“Ty has tons of potential that hasn’t fully come out yet,” Miles said. “I believe that when regionals begin, we will see a little more of that potential. I believe he will play well at regionals, and I think he will go to state this year.”

Miles is pleased with how far his team has already come.

“I think for the most part, we are where we should be. I’m proud of all of them.”

The Calloway County boys’ golf team will compete again on Saturday in Muhlenberg County.

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