Calloway golfers young and ready

Calloway County head golf coach Charlie Miles (striped shirt), addresses the golf team before a practice at Oaks Country Club as they prepared for the upcoming season that starts on Friday.

MURRAY — With all of the chaos that is going on in the world right now, normalcy is becoming hard to find, so the Calloway County golf team was thrilled when they received news from KHSAA that their season is expected to proceed just as it was planned before the pandemic struck.

“Other sports are still up in the air, but as of right now, golf is still going forward as normal,” CCHS head coach Charlie Miles said.

Miles added that, unlike other sports, his team hasn’t even had to miss much practice time this summer.

“Golf is one of those unique sports where there is no physical contact,” he said. “You usually don’t stand on top of each other when you’re swinging and putting, so it’s easy to maintain the social distancing. And being outside and not being close to people, there are no masks required. Parents haven’t had issues with bringing their kids, so everything has kind of been normal.”

The only restrictions that have been set are the six-foot social distancing rule and the mandate that teams wear masks when competing with other school systems.

Something that will be abnormal for the Lakers this season is that there will be three athletes missing from the green — 2020 graduates Ty Gallimore, Chandler Steele and Cade Butler. Gallimore will be especially missed as he qualified for state several times and has been leading the team for many years.

“That’s always a challenge to recover from,” Miles said. “We’re going to be a really young team.”

The team has two juniors and the remaining athletes are freshmen and middle schoolers.

But as Miles pointed out, a young team isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“We don’t have any seniors this year, which could work out to be a good thing in the future if we keep on bringing up new players,” Miles said. “As long as they keep coming and being a part of the team and practicing, eventually they’ll be seniors, and they should be at the top of their game.”

Both the boys and girls will be playing with full teams this season and there are several returning athletes that fans should be excited to see in action.

Eighth-grader Skylar Waller and junior Mia Miles are just two of those. Both girls performed exceptionally well and shot 88s at the regional tournament last season. They were very close to advancing to the state contest, and Miles predicted that they will make it this year. 

“The goal for the girls is to make it to state,” Miles said. “Hopefully our team can, but at least from an individual standpoint, the goal is to make it to state. I think we can. We’ve got two girls that for sure have the potential to make it to state. After seeing them at regionals last year and how close they were, I think this year it’s a realistic expectation.”

As for the boys, only time will tell. After losing three of their players, they are still reorganizing and forming their team identity. 

“With the boys, it’s up in the air,” Miles said. “All of the boys have shown a lot of improvement from last year, so that’s going to be exciting when they get into playing matches and tournaments. Out here, watching them hit balls in practice, I can see great improvements, but that will be put to the test when we get into matches and tournaments.”

The test will begin on Friday when the Lakers take part in the Murray Invitational at the Murray Country Club.

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