Clay Crushers


MURRAY— On Saturday, June 8, the Calloway County Laker Crushers competed in the 16 team KY State Tournament at the Central Kentucky Gun Club in Berea, KY.   The Lakers finished as runner ups in the state tournament, missing the state championship by two targets to Green County High School.   Green County finished No. 1 with 483 targets with Calloway Lakers finishing 2nd with 481 targets in a 16-team field.   Sixteen members of the Lakers’ 30-member roster accepted the invitation to participate in this state-wide competition.   

Calloway County not only finished runner up, but members of the team finished No. 1 and No. 2 in their season averages, with Drew Wyatt with a 24.9 out of 25 and Cody Mason with a 24.5 out of 25.   There were 250 scored targets during the Statewide Regular Season.   In addition, Cody Smith, Riley Veazey, Ava Lewis & Katelyn Rogers all were in the top 10 competitors in their categories. 

Athletes who scored with distinction in the State Tournament were Dylan Barger with 98/100, Johnathan Kough with 97/100, Leonard Henry & Drew Wyatt 96/100, and Cody Mason shot 95/100.   Calloway  had two female athletes in the top 10 female competitors, with Riley Veazey and Ava Lewis both scoring 86/100. Johnathan Kough, Dylan Barger and Leonard Henry all shot 50 straights.  

This was a fitting conclusion to an outstanding season for the 30 members of the Calloway Laker Clay Crusher’s 2019 team.

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