Lady Laker soccer team

The Lady Laker soccer team stands with their district runner-up trophy. Lady Lakers Zoe Stom, Anna Hill and Elle Carson were named for the all-district team.

MAYFIELD —   The opening eight minutes of last night’s game between the Lady Lakers and the Lady Marshals decided the game. Marshall County pressed offensively and kept Calloway on their heels, and like the old saying goes, pressure busts pipes. It was a score in the sixth minute that put the Lady Lakers in the hole, and they couldn’t climb out of it.

Defensively, the Lady Marshals are statistically the best unit in the region and they played like it on the field last night, holding the Lady Lakers to just six shots and no goals. 

“Marshall is a good defensive team,” Lakers head coach Jeremy Stom said. “They fill the gaps, and you can’t find any through balls. Now, the field didn’t help tonight, being narrow. One of the girls made a comment at halftime. She said, ‘When I get the ball and turn all I see is orange,’ and that’s the crampedness of this narrow field that is rearing its head.”

After a really physical contest against Graves County the night before, the Lady Lakers appeared to be a little lethargic at the start. Stom said it was probably a little bit of fatigue coming into play.

“Fatigue had to play some part in it, because we had a battle with Graves (the previous night),” Stom said. “Marshall had the night off, and that’s what I told the girls, ‘That’s the difference between being the one-seed or the two-seed, if you earn the right to be the one-seed, then you get the advantage going forward,’ and that’s why you have to take every in-season match in your district and play it as hard as you can and try to win those games to get the one-seed and the advantage.”

Despite the 2-0 loss, Calloway County’s season isn’t over and the circumstances seem eerily familiar to what the boys did last year for Calloway. The boys were on the wrong side of the scoreboard last year in the district championship, but avenged the loss in the regional championship. This year, the Lady Lakers are on a similar path, but first, they have to potentially get through McCracken County.

“We’ve got to take care of McCracken,” Stom said. “We didn’t have a good showing at McCracken (earlier this year). We tied them 5-5. I know they are probably licking their chops because they are probably thinking they can beat us and get to the regional championship because I am assuming they win their district.”

Stom said if they can reach the regional championship the Lady Marshals will be waiting and even though the final was 2-0 last night, he considered it a 1-0 game because the Lady Lakers conceded a penalty kick in the second half that he believes shouldn’t have been called.

“We’ve got to understand that we beat them 1-0 at their house,” Stom said. “They beat us 1-0 at our place, and on a neutral field, they beat us 2-0, but that PK, I’m wiping that off. I’m calling it a 1-0 defeat, so all three games to me have been decided by one goal. We’re right there. We were pressing hard there at the end of the game.”

What put the Lady Lakers in position to score late in the second half was an adjustment that moved midfielder Elle Carson to a forward position. With the change, they started to get chances and press the attack. It didn’t result in anything, but it could be a brief preview of what Stom could do when and if they get to see the Lady Marshals again. For now, the Lady Lakers will have some time to get over the loss and prepare for the first round of the regional tournament. It’s new territory for this group and they will be prepared for their chance to get back out on the field. 

Girls’ All District Soccer Team:

Deborah Garcia — Mayfield

Apirada Chetawatee — Murray 

Zoe Stom — Calloway County

Syd Gream — Graves County 

Sofia Bayer — Marshall County

Grace Debose — Mayfield

Angela Gierhart — Murray 

Elle Carson — Calloway County 

Brooke Fralicx — Graves County

Carmen Gunn — Marshall County

Anna Hill — Calloway County 

Nicole Bradely — Graves County

Loralie Samson — Marshall County 

Raychel Mathis — Graves County

Whitley Watwood — Marshall County

Carlen Whirley — Marshall County

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