Skylar Waller

Calloway’s seventh-grader Skylar Waller watches to see where her drive lands at the Murray Country Club golf tournament last night

MURRAY —   After the tournament on Tuesday, head coach Charlie Miles was determined that his team would improve by the tournament on Thursday at the Murray Country Club, and, boy, did they improve.

Assistant coach Valerie Waller said, “We were much improved from Tuesday, and, honestly, that’s what it’s about. That’s what the kids were looking to do, improve their scores from Tuesday.”

Ty Gallimore had what Miles had called an “off day” on Tuesday, scoring a 42. Thankfully, Gallimore bounced back last night and scored a 39. However, Valerie Waller still thinks the senior has more potential.

“I actually don’t think he played his best game,” she said. “He can shoot under par. I’ve seen him shoot under par, but he played a lot more relaxed today, and that’s one of the things that I talked to him about after the match. He played much more relaxed going out to the first tee. If he can learn to do that no matter who he’s playing against, he’s gonna be fine. Tyler Albernathy is who he played against, and he’s going to Murray State next year, so he’s not going to play against anybody any better than that. It’s a mental game, the game of golf is, so if he can learn to play as relaxed as he did today, he’s going to continue to see improvement.”

Every player on the team shot better than they did on Tuesday, except for newcomer Javen Campbell, who didn’t play on Tuesday.

“Javen Campbell played for the first time today in her match as an eighth grader, so that was really exciting for her to do that today,” Valerie Waller said.

The hands-down best player of the night came as a little bit of a surprise, even to the player herself.

Seventh grader Skylar Waller shot in the 30s for the first time since she’s been playing golf, ending the nine-hole game with a 37. Not only was Skylar Waller’s score impressively low, but she also managed to shoot an eagle on hole 3. The hole is a par 5, Skylar managed to secure her ball in the hole on her third stroke before she even landed in the green. 

“When I heard about it, I was happy for her. That doesn’t happen every single day. It’s not as nice as a hole-in-one, but it’s pretty close,” Valerie Waller said.

Skylar Waller was in awe when she realized what she had done.

“Honestly, I didn’t realize that it was going in. It really shocked me. It was pretty awesome,” she said.

Showing marked improvement, Skylar Waller shot a 43 on Tuesday, meaning she improved by six strokes two days later.

“I think I did pretty well, a lot better than Tuesday,” Skylar Waller said. “I played my short game a lot better, and on nine, I birdied that hole, and Tuesday I got a seven. My long game was pretty good. I hit pretty straight. I’ve just got to keep on working on it.”

Personal improvement is what the game of golf is all about.

“It’s a tough game, so they’re really looking just to lower their scores every time they step out there, and we accomplished that today, so that’s a big thing,” Valerie Waller said after the tournament last night.

Valerie Waller was extremely impressed with the amount of mental toughness she saw in her team yesterday.

“Coach Miles and I talked about the mental side of the game,” she said. “People laugh, but it’s such a mental thing, and it’s hard for kids to learn how to be prepared. It’s tough for kids. They go to school all day. They get out of school at 3 o’clock, and they turn around and play a golf match at 4, and there’s quite a bit of learning what gets you ready to play a match, and they have to do it in such a quick turn around. So I feel like our kids did a better job today doing that, being prepared to play.” n

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