Athlete of the Year

MURRAY— This summer we will have a multitude of feature stories on some of the most incredible athletes the Murray-Calloway County area has to offer.

 Each head coach has the opportunity to nominate one player from their team last season that exhibits leadership, excellence in the classroom and, of course, excellence on the field.

Nominees will be released one day at a time starting soon. Once every nominee is released there will be an online poll to award the winner based on votes by you, our readers. 

Murray State, Murray High and Calloway County will all have the opportunity to have a nominee from each sport. Again, the nominees will all be selected by the head coach of the team and the winner will be selected by you, the readers. We will simply report on the results.

Stories will begin to roll out soon as we begin to recognize these athletes. 

Joza Mikulcik for the Calloway County track team will lead us off. Some of the other upcoming athletes include, Kade Gibson from Murray High baseball, Cade Butler from Calloway County basketball, Hunter Utley from Murray High basketball, Garrett Scott from Calloway County baseball and Ja Morant from Murray State basketball.

There will be three separate winners, one from each school. Winners will receive a prize and be announced just before the start of football season.

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