WBB Camp

Wednesday’s theme was Murray State and crazy socks for the third day of the Racer women’s basketball camp held inside the CFSB Center with head coach Rechelle Turner and several Racer players supervising and coaching the kids.

MURRAY— Head coach of the MSU women’s basketball team, Rechelle Turner, started her birthday celebration by hosting her mini camp yesterday.  This fun, fast paced camp was made available to boys and girls ages 7-17.  82 attendees met from 9 AM to 12PM June 3 through today.  It just so happened that Turner’s birthday fell within this week.

“The purpose of these camps is to bring as many people to Murray State as possible,” Turner said.  “It’s a great opportunity for us to get kids in our gym, get kids to meet our team and develop relationships with them so, hopefully, they’ll want to come back to a game.  But, most important is that we want to teach the love of basketball to as many young players as possible.”

Turner’s camp focuses on teaching fundamentals.

“We work on dribble, pass and shoot because in order to be able to play the game effectively, you’ve got to be able to do the fundamentals,” She said.

Turner added that she also tries to make her camp fun for the kids.

“We do games, but we also have competitions because most athletes are competitive, so they want to do things in order to compete to win.”

Turner’s strategies seem to be working.  The kids appeared to be having a great time while learning and developing a passion for Murray State basketball, and their admiration for Turner was seen clearly on the attendees faces as they sang happy birthday to her before the group dismissed.

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