Senior Night at Calloway County

Lady Laker seniors, left to right, #11 Maggie Fraher, #14 Makinlee Watters and #5 Annabel Wilmurth were honored for Senior Night.

MURRAY — In a COVID-19 sports world, Calloway County High School followed the trend of hosting Senior Night early in the season to make sure that the seniors get their due, in the event of a season cancellation later on down the line. Laker volleyball (1-1) honored their three seniors, Maggie Fraher, Annabel Wilmurth and Makinlee Watters on Tuesday night against visiting Marshall County.

Despite the valiant effort of the 5 feet 1 inch junior outside-hitter Adison Hicks repeatedly diving to the floor for one of her 11 digs and playing above the net as if she was six feet tall with seven kills, Calloway couldn’t stop the Marshals dominant net play led by junior Halle Langhi, losing in three straight sets 25-15, 25-15 and 25-11. Fraher also helped the cause with 10 kills, but it just wasn’t enough and kept the home team winless against the rivals from Marshall County since 2004.

Laker head coach Lindsey Jones said there is good reason why the Marshals were so effective against her defense.  

“Their hitters are aggressive and they have multiple hitters that can put the ball down,” Jones said. “They’re good hitters.” 

When asked how the Lakers will adjust in practice this week, Jones responded, “A new rotation. We’re going to have to change up because Adison can’t be our only hitter. We’re going to have to fix it where we have another hitter in play.”

Not lost in the losing effort was the admiration Jones and assistant coach Melissa Hicks have for the three seniors that were honored on the night.

“They mean so much because now I’ve been with them three years,” Jones said. “They were sophomores when I started coaching and I enjoy coaching them. They’re wonderful kids to coach, wonderful leaders and role models and I’m going to miss them a lot.” 

Jones emotionally stressed the physical struggles that Watters has been through. She tore her ACL twice, her sophomore year and then again her junior year, and still came back to play despite it all.

“We went through Makinlee’s injuries with her this whole time and her getting out there and being able to serve was very emotional because we didn’t know if that was going to be possible and I’m glad that she actually got to be involved with Senior Night,” Jones said. 

As for Maggie Fraher, Jones said she has progressed tremendously since her first day with the team.

“Maggie has been such a key player the whole time I’ve been the coach and she’s such an amazing athlete” and about Wilmurth, “She is always positive and energetic. She has come such a long way since the beginning and she will be greatly missed.”

The Lady Lakers return to Jeffrey Gymnasium Sept. 28 against Community Christian of Paducah at 5 p.m.

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